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Engraved Deep Chopping Boards

Large Grooved Chopping Board
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Personalised Wooden Chopping Boards

Select the size and type of board you want and enter your personalisation required for up to 4 sides along with an image, if required, and where you would like it. Either select an image from the image board photograph or describe the image – we will send you a preview for approval before engraving.

Default price includes 1 personalised long side with an optional image.

Please see our personalisation details for more information about how we will engrave your chopping board.



From £70.00


Included Side *

Please use the box below to enter your word or phrase and describe the image(s) you require for the included long side.

Other Sides

Please enter your additional words, phrases and images in the boxes below. You will only be charged for the sides you enter.


Personalised wooden chopping boards in 2 sizes, made from a single piece of oak, they are multifunctional and long lasting. These deep chopping boards are a perfect addition to any kitchen, bar or restaurant. Ideal for carving your roast, slicing bread, displaying cheese or a cold meat selection and chopping garlic, citrus fruit or herbs.


Our personalised wooden chopping boards are unique; wood is a natural product so no two chopping boards are ever exactly the same colour, size or grain. They may contain knots, natural marks and small cracks and any board dimension may vary by up to 5mm.

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